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One platform, one website, one model, all your data visualised for you in one place.

AreaOne started in 2016 under the name FlipMatrix with the idea of building an end-to-end architecture apartment generator. However, due to the complexity of apartment design guidelines in Victoria, in addition to individual architects having their own interpretation of these planning rules, this business plan was revisited and repurposed.

FlipMatrix joined forces with Urban Melbourne’s Laurence Dragomir with a vision of visualising data, sharing as much information as possible, and assisting architects and designers in achieving improved design and planning outcomes.

Architectural Intelligence

The term “Architectural Intelligence” refers to AreaOne’s patented platform which is used to generate architecture and visualise data.

All of AreaOne’s algorithms, infrastructure, and technology is proprietary and doesn’t require the use of external 3D programs or plug-ins such as Grasshopper or Rhino. You can however, export all site plans, models and designs to Rhino, AutoCAD, and Revit.

AreaOne applied for an innovation patent for automated building systems in 2017, receiving a full patent in 2018. AreaOne also has a trademark pending for the term “Architectural Intelligence.”